CSA Weekly Meal Plan v.1

My co-working space Green Spaces Denver is one of the many drop off spots across the country for a Summer CSA Food Share program, and after a couple of years of watching people get yummy fresh veggies every Friday, I decided to join up.

A CSA is a “Community Supported Agriculture” program, which is basically a program where before a farm’s harvest period the public can buy in to a share of their crops (and this money is what the farm then uses to purchase seeds, water, labor, equipment, ect), and as these crops come to harvest the buyer will be delivered fresh produce/meat/bread/eggs/flowers/ect. Most states have these types of programs, and they are a really easy way to ensure that the food you are eating is local and fresh.

As I said, my CSA is organized through my workspace, and for a little over $200 I am splitting a large vegetable summer share with 3 other people in our space. Our CSA is with Grant Family Farms, which is a farm located in Wellington, CO.

This week was our second delivery from the farm, and our share had grown by about 50% since the last delivery (the shares are smaller in the beginning of the harvest season, and grow as more and more plants are ready for harvest). Super excited to see what comes next week!

This week our share included:






Snap Peas

Garlic bulbs

Garlic scapes


Navy Beans

Here are some meal plans for this week with these ingredients:

Lots of salads– I’ve got a ton of lettuce left over from last week’s delivery that has got to get eaten.

Home Made Salsa– Garlic and cilantro… the tomato and jalapeno plants we have are starting to produce. Ready

Sherried Tomato Soup (cold)– I make a sherried tomato soup that is out of this world, so I’m going to jump off from there. Usually it has cream in it, but we’re going to try it without this time, and put in the shallots, garlic scapes, parsley, cilantro and see where we end up. Might add in some of the navy beans or red beans from last week and make it more like a gazpacho.

Something with Beets– Anyone out there love beets?! I’ve never had them and would love some ideas!


For more information on CSA programs, or to find one in your area, go to Local Harvest.


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