CSA Weekly Meal Plan v.2

Another great week from the CSA. . The portions of each veggie are still pretty small (and I’m not sure they’re big enough to make any full recipes out of), but getting fresh veggies every week is exciting all the same. It was super hot in Denver all week, so I’m glad that it looks like the crops are all making it in the heat.

This week our share included:


Bib Lettuce

Other Lettuces

Curly Parsley



Garlic Scapes

Black and Pinto Beans mix

Here are some meal plans for this week with these ingredients:

More salads– Gotta eat it all!

Pasta with Garlic Scapes (and shallots from last week)– Time to use some of these cool new-to-me garlic scapes.

Summer Radish Salad– This salad sounds awesome and it will be good for the small amount of radishes we have.

Also of note- We’re freezing this rhubarb for future desserts! Send us some fun ideas!


For more information on CSA programs, or to find one in your area, go to Local Harvest.


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