Friday Favorite Pins v.5

It’s SO hot! Ugh! IT’S SO HOT! Pinterest is my only escape, because my house has no way of cooling itself. And my workspace is pretty warm too.

Get this!


Fruity ice cubes? Perfect!


I’m back on the vegan wagon this week, and the worst thing about it is no breakfast burritos… what am I even supposed to do? Eat these Vegan Breakfast Cookies!


When I say I’m being vegan, I really mean I’m eating avocado at every meal. If I could eat cheese, or bread, I would eat this Avocado Sandwich.


Carrie and I’s best friend Helene had a BABY today! Look at this cake! It has Pocky on it! It’s a Strawberry Pockey Cake! It’s perfect! Happy Birthday Evan!!!!

As a side note, I really want to start a Plate Collection. Look at how pretty!


And if I had all those plates I’d throw a big party. For Evan! Because it’s her birthday.


Do you love Pinterest? Because we love Pinterest. Seriously, we can hardly talk about anything else. Because of this undying love, we’ll be posting a collection of our favorite pins each Friday, with a concentration on foods we’d love to put in our mouths, products we’d love to make said food with, and kitchens we’d love to use said products in.

Follow Carrie and Sarah on Pinterest for more delicious pins!

All images linked back to Pinterest for sources.


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