CSA Weekly Meal Plan v.4

I’ve got to say, I’m a little bit tired of lettuce. I’m not a big salad person, so in all honesty a lot of the lettuce that we’ve been getting is just going bad (which I hate). Because of this, I’m glad to see that this week we’ve been getting more “other veggies”, and the quantities of “other veggies” are becoming enough to actually make recipes.

This week our share included:





Green Onions

Garlic Scapes

Black Hopi Beans




Snap Peas

Here are some meal plans for this week with these ingredients:

Roasted and pickled beets- They’re in the oven right now! Super excited

Black Bean Tacos- Going to use the Hopi beans (and some ingredients from our own garden) to make some awesome tacos.

Summer Radish Salad This week is the week!

Sherried Tomato Soup- I’m giving myself a week off of being vegan (birthdays this coming week are leading us to our favorite restaurants, and I’m going to eat non-vegan anyway), so I’m going to make this soup for you all!


For more information on CSA programs, or to find one in your area, go to Local Harvest.


2 responses to “CSA Weekly Meal Plan v.4

  1. One thing I do when I have too much lettuce (the hardest thing for me to use up) is to throw it into our morning smoothies. It’s fresh and healthy and makes them green but everyone likes it just the same.

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