Product Review: Runa Guayusa Tea

So, if you know me, then you know that I strive every morning to drink my weight in coffee. Black coffee. No joke. However, coffee has one major issue, especially when you drink it black, it tastes horrible. I mean I love the taste, but let’s be real, coffee is beyond bitter. I love to hate it. Like the Olsen Twins.

I love tea, and the taste of tea, but in the morning it’s just not enough to wake me up and keep me going. Enter Runa’s guayusa tea.

Runa is a company based out of Brooklyn, NY that sells a product called guayusa, which is like tea, but a little different. Guayusa is a leaf, just like tea, but grows on a different type of tree (a, say it together now, guayusa tree), and carries a much bigger kick than regular tea. Most teas have somewhere between 35 and 50mg of caffeine per cup, guayusa has 90mg per cup (which is even more than recently popular yerba mate, which has 75mg per cup). That’s a serious upgrade. Even more than just the caffeine, guayusa has double the amount of antioxidants that standard green tea has, and tons of other health benefits.

Like I said before, my biggest beef with coffee is its bitter taste. Runa’s got all kinds of options for guayusa, including different flavors of loose leaf tea, bagged tea and pre-brewed bottled tea. My favorite flavor is their bottled hibiscus-berry tea, and I also love their mint tea.

You can buy Runa guayusa tea directly on their website,, or you can use their handy dandy store locator to find a store near you. Runa’s bottled teas just became available at Whole Foods in the Rockies and North Atlantic/New England areas, so start drinking it now and you can be a Runa hipster (because everyone is going to start to talk about it).


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