CSA Weekly Meal Plan v.7

I was literally overjoyed when I opened the CSA box up this week. IT WAS PACKED! I’m so excited that the shares are getting bigger, now there’s actually enough of each vegetable to make a full recipe. The boy is coming back this week, so hopefully we’ll do some cooking together and make some awesome food.

This week our share included:

Butter Lettuce

Green Leaf Lettuce

Green Chard


Green Onions

White Onions

Garlic Scapes






Taxi Yellow Tomatos

Here are some meal plans for this week with these ingredients:

Beet Chips- The pickled beets turned out awesome, time to try something new.

Radish Chips- If you’re doing one, you might as well do the other!

Prik King– This was my favorite dish at one of the Thai places we went to weekly in LA, and I haven’t had it since moving to Denver. I’m so excited to eat this!

Zucchini Bread– I went to a BBQ this weekend and my friend gave me a MASSIVE zucchini, which I am going to use along with this one to make bread. Never had this before!

Zucchini and Squash Curry– Hoping to get this made and freeze some for later months!


For more information on CSA programs, or to find one in your area, go to Local Harvest.


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