About Us

About the Two

Carrie and Sarah Michelle met in journalism school at The University of Arizona. After sharing taco nights, a love of white rice with Panda Express’ Mandarin sauce, and vodka cranberries, Sarah Michelle moved away, and Carrie stayed put. This is how they stay connected.

About Carrie

Carrie Bui

Carrie didn’t start learning how to cook until she started living on her own during junior year of college. It started out with boxed meals and jars of spaghetti sauce, but eventually she learned how to make things from scratch, thanks to a couple friends and the Internet. She loves seeing how food and drink bring people together.

When not in the kitchen, you might find Carrie doing any of these things:

  • handling marketing and communications for a Tucson hospice
  • managing her side projects at a coffee shop
  • working out at the gym
  • shopping for housewares, shoes, or handbags
  • eating and drinking at local Tucson restaurants/cafes/bars

Follow Carrie on Twitter for her food and other assorted adventures, or on Pinterest to track her various wish lists.

About Sarah Michelle

Sarah came from a macaroni and cheese with hotdogs type of family, and didn’t even know you could get vegetables fresh until her 20s. Upon moving to California the world of cooking opened up to her based on a gift of “Martha Stewart Food” magazine, and the discovery of Trader Joe’s. Sarah’s language of love is giving, and her favorite gifts to give are the edible kind.

When not in the kitchen, you might find Sarah doing any of these things:

  • consuming entirely too much black coffee while working at Green Spaces Denver
  • trolling  lifestyle/craft/food/anything blogs without leaving comments
  • trying to perfect her Crow pose
  • watching trashy reality TV (Hello, Dance Moms!)
  • drinking local Colorado beers at Denver dive bars

Sarah isn’t quite cool enough to have a Twitter yet, but she spends the majority of her time on Pinterest, pinning all the things.


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